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Echo Nelson is a student in the Professional Science Master’s track of the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program. This program provides a direct route to skills in analytical thinking, linking disciplines, problem solving, and to gain real world experience through internships.
Undergraduate student Dan Irvine was an EPA intern, studied abroad in Canada, did an independent study with butterfly habitat restoration, and summer research in Hungary where this photo was taken.
barbara robinson.jpg
I feel that the interdisciplinary environmental science degree at OSU has given me a background that helps me collaborate with many different kinds of scientists, which is essential in my job as a professional scientist.  Barbara Robinson, 2004 graduate
catherine searle.jpg
PhD student Catherine Searle studies how ultraviolet-B radiation, temperature, water contaminants, stress hormones and community structure influence susceptibility of larval amphibians to pathogens.
courtney shaff, tyler mintkeski.jpg
M.S. student Courtney Schaff conducts an EMAP survey as part of her study of Incorporation of Salmon-Derived Nutrients into Oregon Coastal Streams and the Role of Habitat Complexity.
deeksha grover.jpg
Deeksha Grover is studying the kinetics of physical and chemical processes controlling the precipitation of iron oxide minerals in unsaturated media for her PhD research. This photo is of sand grains coated with iron oxide.
evrim karacetin.jpg
Evrim Karacetin came from Turkey to study Abiotic and Biotic Constraints on Host-Plant use by the Cinnabar Moth Tyria Jacobaeae in Oregon as part of the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program.
garrett dickman.jpg
Garrett Dickman traveled to New Zealand as part of his International Degree/Environmental Sciences Degree in which he specialized in Terrestrial Ecosystems.
Kate Jillson is an Environmental Sciences student, International Degree student, French major, pre-education major and Presidential Scholarship recipient. She recently spent time in France researching beekeeping practices and bee parasites.
martin adams.jpg
Martin Adams is using insect remains to track paleoenvironmental change in the Willamette Valley over the course of approximately 14,000 years. This electron microscope picture is of a mite that is about 12,600 years old.
noelle wetaz.jpg
Environmental Sciences undergraduate student Noelle Wetaz with a fox she cared for during her internship at the Phoenix Zoo. An internship is required for all Environmental Sciences undergraduate students.
rebecca hill.jpg
As part of the Professional Science Master's Program in Environmental Sciences Rebecca Hill is studying wetland restoration effects on amphibian distribution and densities.
vijay satyal.jpg
Vijay Satyal was a graduate student in the Environmental sciences program in the Social Sciences track and enjoyed the flexibility that the program offered. He is currently a Senior Policy Analyst with the Oregon Dept of Energy.
seema mangla.jpg
As part of her studies Seema Mangla is looking at factors to predict the expansion of non-indigenous plant species and their management implications.
Vincent Kimura (2001), OSU 2009 Young Alumnus Award winner and candidate for a Global MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Honolulu Hawaii
During CONNECT week activities new Environmental Sciences undergraduates enjoyed a sunny hike at Bald Hill Park with Director, Patricia Muir & Academic Advisor, Cori Hall.
Environmental Sciences major, Kayla Johnston, practices climbing trees as part of her summer internship. Kayla will be collecting cones from whitebark pine, and helping to restore blister-rust resistant whitebark pine trees to Crater Lake National Park ecosystems.

Environmental Sciences at Oregon State University

Environmental sciences are central to the mission of Oregon State University - a university with extensive programs related to the environment and wide use of natural resources. OSU is only one of two U.S. universities recognized as a land-, sea-, space- and sun-grant institution.  OSU has exceptional strength in many of the disciplines that are required to provide a high-quality interdisciplinary education for future environmental scientists and to provide continuing post-graduate education to scientists who are already active in the field.

The Environmental Sciences Program builds on these institutional strengths offering a BS degree, a MS degree, and a Ph.D.

Strong academic units closely related to environmental science span the university and can provide resources to students. OSU offers comprehensive instructional programs in agriculture, engineering, public health, forestry, biology and the oceanic, atmospheric and earth sciences, and social sciences. Research centers provide focal points for those faculty and students interested in interdisciplinary topics. The presence of state and federal agencies, such as the Corvallis Environmental Protection Agency Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Forest Service provide unique opportunities for developing undergraduate and graduate research partnerships benefitting Environmental Sciences students.